TC95 Kits

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Fits both EFI and Carb Models

The above photo is for visual representation only. Parts may vary slightly for different jobs.

We are offering our 95 inch kits in four configurations to suit all possible applications.
We call them Heavy Touring, Touring, Sport Touring and Sport
Heavy Touring packages are set up with a 9.5:1 compression ratio for heavy Bagger style bikes that are used for two up riding and may pull trailers or have side cars.
Touring packages will have a compression ratio of 10:1 and should be used on Baggers and heavy Softail models used for two up riding in regions that have steep grades and/or lower octane fuels. (under 91 octane)
Sport Touring is set up at 10.5:1 and is preferred for Baggers and heavy Softails that have access to 91+ octane fuel and are mostly driven by a solo rider. These are very reliable combinations but may require a modification in riding style ‘if’ lower, less than 91 octane, fuel is purchased. Usually this means down shifting to pass (eliminating detonation) instead of just rolling it on. 

Power and fuel mileage expectations.  Torque      Horsepower      Mileage
Heavy Touring                                         95-105        90-100           41 MPG
Touring                                                    100-110       95-105           43 MPG
Sport Touring                                          105-115      100-110          45 MPG
The above using stock carbs or throttle bodies and good 2 into 1 pipes. Larger carbs and throttle bodies will increase HP and decrease Torque.