TC107 Kit

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For both EFI or Carb Models

The above photo is for visual representation only. Parts may vary slightly for different jobs.

We are offering our 107 inch kits with bored stock cylinders for 2007 and later models which suits most applications.

Sport Touring
is set up at 10.5:1 and is preferred for Baggers and heavy Softails that have access to 91+ octane fuel and are mostly driven by a solo rider. These are very reliable combinations but may require a modification in riding style ‘if’ lower, less than 91 octane, fuel is purchased. Usually this means down shifting to pass (eliminating detonation) instead of just rolling it on

Power and fuel mileage expectations.    Torque       Horsepower         Mileage
Sport Touring                                           115-125         110-120            45 MPG
The above using stock carbs or throttle bodies and good 2 into 1 pipes. Larger carbs and throttle bodies will increase HP and decrease Torque.

HQ-TC-107-ST      Twin Cam 98 Sport Touring 10.5:1 compression ratio

The following is a complete list of parts and labor required to build the Head Quarters Twin Cam 107 Sport Touring performance package.

                                           HEAD WORK
1)  HVP-TC                          Your heads completely reworked, ready to bolt back on.
     HVP-TC-MCR                  (as above with mechanical compression releases installed)
     HVP-TC-ECR                   (machined for HD electronic compression releases. not supplied)
2)  HQ-4530                       Gaskets, head, .030" MLS type
1) HQ-HEAD-BOARD    Fin Protector (heads bolted to this for shipping)

                                               CYLINDER WORK
1)  HQ-7100-K                   Bore (your) cylinders to 3.938"
1)  HQ-CYL-BOARD        Fin Protector (cylinders bolted to this for shipping)
1)  HQ-8-5200                Pistons, forged

                                              RECOMMENDED PARTS
1) HQ-4055                       Pushrods, adjustable EZ install type
4)  HQ-4225                       Hydraulic lifters, Black Ops type
1) 17033-99                       James rocker cover gasket and seal set

                                   Cam Choices as per drive type and appropriate year

1)  HQ-TC-575                 Cam, chain drive 1999-06 models (except 2006 Dyna)
1)  HQ-TC-575-G            Cam, gear drive 1999-06 models (except 2006 Dyna)
1)  AP-288901                 Kit, gear drive install
1)  AP-288908                  Kit, gear drive, 1999-06 (except ‘06 Dyna)
1)  HQ-TC-575-HC        Cam, chain drive, ‘06 Dyna and 2007-up all other models

                                    Additional parts for carburetor equipped models

1) HQ-7025-A                  Port, intake manifold (sens us your manifold)
1)  HQ-6100                      Ignition, preprogrammed for 1999-03 models
1)  HQ-6104                        Ignition, preprogrammed for 2004 & later

                                                       Optional Parts (not required)
1) HQ-32679                      Show off your build with a Head Quarters timing cover
1)  HQ-4600                       Roller Rockers

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HQ-TC-107-ST Work Order
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