HQ-TC-95-T       Twin Cam 95 Touring 10:1 compression ratio

The following is a complete list of parts and labor required to build the Head Quarters Twin Cam 95 Touring performance package.

                                            HEAD WORK
1)  HVP-TC                          Your heads completely reworked, ready to bolt back on.
     HVP-TC-MCR                  (as above with mechanical compression releases installed)
     HVP-TC-ECR                   (machined for HD electronic compression releases. not supplied)
2)  HQ-4527                       Gaskets, head, .027" thick MLS type
1)  HQ-HEAD-BOARD    Fin Protector (heads bolted to this for shipping)

                                            CYLINDER WORK
1)  HQ-7100-I                    Bore stock (3.750") TC cylinders to 3.875"
1)  HQ-CYL-BOARD        Fin Protector (cylinders bolted to this for shipping)
1) CP-M5017                    Pistons, forged 4cc dome

                                           RECOMMENDED PARTS
1) HQ-4055                       Pushrods, adjustable EZ install type
4)  HQ-4225                       Hydraulic lifters, Black Ops type
1) 17033-99                       James rocker cover gasket and seal set

                                   Cam Choices as per drive type and appropriate year

1)  HQ-TC-575                      Cam, chain drive 1999-06 models (except 2006 Dyna)


1)  HQ-TC-575-G             Cam, gear drive 1999-06 models (except 2006 Dyna)
1)  AP-288901                 Kit, gear drive install
1)  AP-288908                  Kit, gear drive, 1999-06 (except ‘06 Dyna)

                                    Additional parts for carburetor equipped models

1) HQ-7025-A                  Port, intake manifold (sens us your manifold)
1)  HQ-6100                      Ignition, preprogrammed for 1999-03 models
1)  HQ-6104                        Ignition, preprogrammed for 2004 & later

                                               Optional Parts (not required)
1) HQ-32679                      Show off your build with a Head Quarters timing cover
1)  HQ-4600                       Roller Rockers

If you want this job done you will need to print a work order to send along so we know exactly what you need.
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HQ-TC-95-T Work Order
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