Cylinder Boring

Our cylinder boring and honing has become a mainstay of our business. We think it is because our machinery, measuring equipment and procedures enable us to do an extremely accurate job of fit and finish. The end result is a cylinder that seals well for more power and long life.

All our cylinders are installed in special torque plates. The torque plates preload the cylinders to simulate the same conditions the cylinders would be subjected to while bolted into the engine.

In addition, we use a special plateau honing procedure which greatly reduces piston and ring break in time and eliminates abrasive cylinder materials from contaminating the engine oil.

For 88 to 95 Twin Cam conversions, we prefer to bore a seasoned stock Twin Cam cylinder to size rather than selling you a new set of bigger bore cylinders. The end result is the very same, cylinder sleeve thickness wise, BUT the seasoned stock cylinder will hold it’s shape better after boring and last much longer.

See our honing schematic chart below.

photo is actually an Evolution cylinder BUT the same procedures apply and we wanted to show you the finish