Just The Heads

The absolute best bang for the buck is an 883 bored out to 1200 and sporting a set of ported heads. This conversion will yield more horsepower per dollar than anything else that can be done to any other Harley-Davidson.

We use the same sized valves as used in the 1200 heads. A 1.715" intake and a 1.480" exhaust valve. With the port work done, these heads flow much more than a stock set of 1200 heads BUT that isn’t the only reason why they make so much power. A healthy boost in compression is gained by squeezing that 1200cc motor into the small 883 combustion chambers. We are able to get 10.5:1 with this combination.

One of the nice things about this combo is it’s ability to use stock cams. Of course you can use hotter cams but it isn’t really necessary. We suggest rejetting the stock carb and using a free flow air cleaner, ignition change and a good set of pipes.

Or a whole kit

Send us your cylinders along with your heads and we will bore them for 1200 CC’s. Our full kit has the potential for 80-85 horsepower and 80-85 foot pounds of torque.


Sportster @ 10.5:1 compression ratio

The following is a complete list of parts and labor required to build the Head Quarters Sportster performance package. We use the 883 heads on all 1200 Sportsters

    Qty  Part #                         Description

                                                 HEAD WORK
    1)  HVP-XL                          Your heads completely reworked, ready to bolt back on.
         HVP-XL-MCR                  (as above with mechanical compression releases installed)
    1)  HQ-7025-A                   Port, intake manifold (for carbs optional)
    1)  HQ-HEAD-BOARD    Fin Protector (heads bolted to this for shipping)

                                                CYLINDER WORK
    1)  HQ-7100-D                   Bore 883 cylinders to 1200 (3.498")
    1) HQ-7102-C                   Glassbead carbon off tops of cylinders
    1)  HQ-CYL-BOARD        Fin Protector (cylinders bolted to this for shipping)
    1) WP-K1660                     Pistons, flat top, forged

                                               Additional parts for carburetor equipped models

    1)  HQ-21835                     1987-2003, Ignition, special HQ curves
    1)  HQ-6104                       2004-up, Ignition, special HQ curves (carb models only)
                                                (without one of our ignitions, you *will* have problems)

We usually advise Sportster owners to use stock cams because they are quiet and run well. Harley made changes to their Sportster cams in 2007 and now we highly recommend 2007-present Sportster owners change cams after installing our 10.5:1 compression packages.  Andrews N3 cams Part Number 298135 would be a good choice.

If you want this job done you will need to print a work order to send along so we know exactly what you need.
Click the red link below to find a work order for this build and print it off.
883 Work Order

You can price any part or the whole job by viewing or printing off a price sheet found on the red link below.