1200 2004-present

1200 Sportster Heads

- increase in compression ratio depending on piston choice
- heads are fully ported, resurfaced, and have had a radius valve job
- contains new valves (1.900
" & 1.624"), guides (manganese bronze), springs (titanium top retainers) and seals (Viton)

1200 heads-1
XR1200 heads-2

We usually advise Sportster owners to use stock cams because they are quiet and run well. Harley made changes to their Sportster cams in 2007 and now we highly recommend 2007-present Sportster owners change cams after installing our 10.5:1 compression packages.  Andrews N3 cams Part Number 298135 would be a good choice.

    Qty  Part #                         Description

                                                 HEAD WORK
    1)  HVP-EV                          Your heads completely reworked, ready to bolt back on.
         HVP-EV-MCR                  (as above with mechanical compression releases installed)
    1)  HQ-HEAD-BOARD    Fin Protector (heads bolted to this for shipping)


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1200 2004-present Work Order

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