1200 1986-2003

1200 Sportster Heads

- increase in compression ratio depending on piston choice
- heads are fully ported, resurfaced, and have had a radius valve job
- contains new valves (1.725
" & 1.480"), guides (manganese bronze), springs (titanium top retainers) and seals (Viton)

These heads are best when used with the Wiseco 1200cc domed pistons. This is the only way to get a significant increase in compression.

We highly recommend all 1200 Sportster owners consider using 883 head castings for porting work. It all costs the same but the ported 883 heads will make more horsepower and torque. You will probably find many 883 owners willing to trade and even pay a bit for a trade.

The following is a complete list of parts and labor required to build the Head Quarters Sportster performance package. We use the 883 heads on all 1200 Sportsters

    Qty  Part #                         Description

                                                 HEAD WORK
    1)  HVP-XL                          Your heads completely reworked, ready to bolt back on.
         HVP-XL-MCR                  (as above with mechanical compression releases installed)
    1)  HQ-7025-A                   Port, intake manifold (for carbs optional)
    1)  HQ-HEAD-BOARD    Fin Protector (heads bolted to this for shipping)

                                              Additional parts for carburetor equipped models

    1)  HQ-21835                     1987-2003, Ignition, special HQ curves
    1)  HQ-6104                       2004-up, Ignition, special HQ curves (carb models only)
                                                (without one of our ignitions, you *will* have problems)

If you want this job done you will need to print a work order to send along so we know exactly what you need.
Click the red link below to find a work order for this build and print it off.
1200 1986-2003 Work Order

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